Support for accommodation is offered to all families of children with heart disease in the case of a stay required for surgery, hospitalizations and examinations related to the child’s heart condition.

The Ronald McDonald House is the ideal place for families whose child is hospitalized in Montreal or Quebec City. The $10 night fee is reimbursed by the Foundation to all parents who make the request.

If the Ronald McDonald House does not offer accommodation, the Foundation will recommend an alternative to families, up to a maximum charge of $70 per night.

For parents whose child is hospitalized at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, public transportation or taxi fares between the Ronald McDonald House and the hospital may be reimbursed upon recommendation of the social worker.

About Ronald McDonald Houses

Since 1974, the mission of Ronald McDonald Houses has been to provide affordable temporary residence to parents of sick children who require hospitalization. Closeness to relatives favours the efficiency of medical treatment, so Ronald McDonald Houses play an essential role throughout the hospitalization process. They offer warm and welcoming living spaces. Everything is taken care of to improve your stay. Thousands of families have found warmth, comfort, support, compassion and hope there.

If Ronald McDonald House cannot accommodate you, please contact us. We will suggest another place for your stay.
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