Congenital Heart Disease in Adults2023-05-31T14:33:47-04:00

Until recently, congenital heart defects were considered a child issue since those who suffered from them generally did not make it into adulthood. Today, with the incredible medical advances of the last decades, this is no longer the case. In fact, there are currently as many adults with congenital heart disease as there are children.

Although their condition is generally stable and the required medical monitoring is infrequent, these adults still need to learn about their condition and wish to encourage scientific progress. They also want to know the different health professionals that can help them.

En Cœur wishes to provide support to these adults by trying to quench their thirst for information as much as possible in addition to advancing their cause with governments and organizations related to heart disease. We invite anyone who wants more information on adult congenital heart disease to visit the CCHA (Canadian Congenital Heart Alliance) Website.

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