INFO-CŒUR CARD2023-07-07T14:39:19-04:00

The Info-Cœur card is a tool developed by En Cœur.

The Info-Cœur card offers IMMEDIATE access to the main information on the medical condition of your child.

Perfect for informing the various family members, school and health sectors about diagnosis, medication and, if applicable, allergies, prophylaxis, etc. The card makes it possible to act quickly and efficiently when needed.

Receive your FREE plastic card.

To obtain the card, all parents need to do is fill out the form. The portion concerning medical information will be completed by the medical staff of the child’s hospital.

The plastic card containing all the information will then be sent to the parents by mail. Please note that there is a delay between the application for the Info-Cœur card and its delivery.

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