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“It is with happiness and great humility that I have been leading the En Cœur Foundation for 9 years now. This Foundation, which I didn’t know of, was a favourite from the very beginning.

What a privilege to be able to help all these families who are going through difficult times! What pride to be able to give back to others!

Who would have thought that I would also have my share of concerns, my grandson, now 7 years old, having been born with a heart defect? When we mention that one in a hundred children is born with a heart defect, this statistic makes sense.

Working for the well-being of all parents is a great joy on a daily basis. Pursuing the mission of En Cœur remains my priority.

I’m blessed to be able to count on the most dedicated team and that’s what motivates me to continue this great adventure after all these years.”

– Sylvie Gérin-Lajoie

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